Above you will find links to some of my websites:
I broke them down into three main categories along with some test pages.

Over the last fifteen years I have registered & built over 25 websites for Friends & family. It all started when I was living in Abu Dhabi and needed an email because we moved a lot. Email & the Internet were fairly new then but it worked. Telephone calls could cost hundreds but an email could cost pennies and a website could even have a picture or two. As it turned out I realized that just being able to give friends and family an update was 2nd to being able for my family to have an email that never changes.
My design concept follows the KISS principal (keep it simple). Support for all the internet browsers in use today. Plain simple navigation. Visitors never need more than one or two clicks to find or view a page. All pages are sized so that a visitor never has to scroll left and right to read the content.

If you are out shopping for someone to design you a website consider asking a few questions. Does he use Tables, Java Script, Front Page or Publisher? If he says sure you might consider looking elsewhere – today’s standards are built around pure CSS design and anything else is usually a shortcut that will cost you more in the long run!

The Contact Doug has a working Email form that I designed for some customers who want to protect their privacy & still let people contact them.
Doug Weeter
43 Sundew Drive
Savannah, Georgia

Cell: 912 659-6300
Home:     598-7241


September 2011